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Cookie Policy

Cookies are strings of text that act as IT markers sent from a server (in this case from the server of our site) to your device (generally the Internet browser) when you connect to a given page of a Web site. Cookies are automatically saved by your browser and sent back to the server which generated them every time you connect to the same Internet page. This way, cookies enable and make access to some Internet pages easier to improve your browsing experience, i.e. they allow for remembering the pages visited and other information such as the pages viewed the most, connection errors, etc. To obtain full use of our Website and to make things easier, we advise you to configure your browser to accept these cookies.
The default setting of web browsers is often set to automatically accept cookies. You can change the default configuration in order to disable or delete cookies from time to time, or once and for all; however, the consequence of this is that you will not be able to access some areas of our site. It is also possible to check the types of cookies saved on your browser and the manner in which they are saved by changing the cookie settings of your browser.
Types of cookies used by our site and how they are managed:
Our site uses the following types of cookies:

  1. Persistent cookies:
    a) Strictly necessary cookies: These are necessary for browsing a Web site and using its functionalities, such as for enabling display of a page correctly or access to reserved areas. For this reason, disabling these cookies will stop you from doing the above.
    b) Performance cookies: These gather information on the efficiency of a Website’s response to requests of users in anonymous form only for improving the functionalities of the Internet site. For instance, the pages viewed most often by users, and if there were any errors or slowdowns during the opening of Web pages.
    c) Third-party cookies:
    1. these are used and configured for gathering information anonymously on the manner in which the site is used, for the purpose of making it more efficient and for statistical purposes (Google Analytics with IP anonymisation).  With these settings this type of cookie is equated to a persistent cookie.
    2. social network cookies enabling your social network account to interact with this site and are not essential for it to work. It is most commonly used for sharing social network contents. Plug-ins allow for transmission of cookies to and from all sites managed by third parties. Management of information collected by “third parties” is regulated by the relevant notices you should see. For greater transparency and for convenience, we have provided the URLs of the various notice pages and the manner in which cookies are managed.
  2. Third-party profiling cookies: they allow for creation of your profiles and are used to send advertising messages in line with preferences shown while browsing the Internet and to collect browsing data for using some services available on our site. While you are browsing our site these cookies are useful for showing you products you may be interested in or similar to the ones you looked at. This sort of cookie is not essential for our site to work. VEBI ISTITUTO BIOCHIMICO has no control over the information supplied by cookies and cannot access these data. This information is managed by other companies in the manner specified in their privacy policies.

The following can be found on this site:

Double Click, AdServices (Google)
for more information please see and

Google Analytics with IP anonymisation (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses personal data collected for the purpose of tracking and analysing the use of this application, compiling reports and sharing them with other services developed by Google.

Google can use the personal data to contextualise and personalise ads on its advertising network.

VEBI ISTITUTO BIOCHIMICO adopts this feature of Google Analytics for deleting the IP address of users. IP anonymisation truncates the IP address of users in the Member States of the European Union and in other countries adhering to the agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases, the IP address is sent to Google servers and truncated in the United States.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Browsing Data. Place of processing: USA

You can receive information about processing of your personal data by Google Analytics at this address:; Additional information about IP anonymisation of Google Analytics:
Disabling cookies (opt-out):
According to personal data protection regulations, you can consent to the use of cookies (opt-in) by continuing to browse the site after reading the cookie notice in the window. You can also disable cookies that have already been saved (opt-out). You can choose opt-out for persistent cookies (Art. 122 of the Act) and cookies that are not considered persistent (“targeting cookies” and “analytical cookies”) you accepted before (opt in).
Based on this distinction, you can disable or delete cookies by changing the setting of your browser and disabling or deleting individual non-persistent cookies by going to these sites:

  1. to disable Google Analytics
  2., a Web site managed by European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), to delete other cookies if you reside in the European Union,, to delete other cookies if you reside in the United States of America. These sites are not operated by VEBI ISTITUTO BIOCHIMICO, so we do not accept any responsibility for their contents.

How to enable and disable cookies on your browser:
You can set your browser to refuse cookies during browsing. However, this might make browsing less efficient and prevent access to some functions and Web pages. Below are the ways you can set the most commonly used browsers to refuse cookies during browsing:

Internet Explorer:

External platforms for displaying contents:
Through our Website you can display contents hosted on external platforms and interact with them and even if you do not use them, they gather traffic data about the pages they are found on. External contents are subject to privacy settings related to each service. You might be able to display the following external contents on our site:

YouTube videos (Google Inc.)
YouTube is a video-sharing Website run by Google Inc.

To read the privacy statement of Google Inc. go to:
Social network external platforms
Through our Website you might be able to display contents hosted on external platforms and social networks and interact with them and even if you do not use them, they gather traffic data about the pages they are found on. External contents are subject to privacy settings related to each service. You might be able to display the following social network external contents on our site:

Facebook (Facebook Inc.)
To read the privacy statement of Facebook Inc. go to:
Flicker (Yahoo) To read the privacy statement of Yahoo Inc. go to:
Twitter (Twitter Inc.) To read the privacy statement of Twitter Inc. go to:
Instagram (Instagram Inc.) To read the privacy statement of Instagram Inc. go to:
Pinterest To read the privacy statement of Pinterest go to:
LinkedIn To read the privacy statement of LinkedIn Corporation go to:
Google+ To read the privacy statement of Google Inc. go to:
Slideshare (LinkedIn Corporation) To read the privacy statement of LinkedIn Corporation go to:

Links to third-party sites.
VEBI ISTITUTO BIOCHIMICO accepts no responsibility for the policies established by linked sites or for the information or contents found on them. Links to other sites are often provided only as sources of information and details on certain topics you may be interested in. Remember that when you leave our site by clicking on a link to another site, our privacy policy no longer applies. Browsing and interacting with other sites, including sites linked to ours is subject to individual rules and policies. Please read their rules and policies carefully before proceeding. Solely you are responsible for the risks taken when you browse these third-party sites. Providing links on our site to third-party sites and to products, publication processes, services and offers of third parties does not imply that these products or services are approved or recommended by VEBI ISTITUTO BIOCHIMICO.


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