Spectre: rodents monitoring and capture system

1 March 2019

A tool designed to meet the needs of modern disinfestation companies to ensure:
Reduction of intervention costs
Time saving in customer management
Increase of efficiency

Vebi Tech offers a complete and efficient remote monitoring system consisting of:

The Server transmits data to the various activated devices:
mobile phone via SMS, computer via email, App for Android.



1. LoRa transmission protocol (Long Range) that guarantees:
Easy installation by QR code placed on the top of each sensor
Very extensive coverage of the signal: up to 3 km radius

2. Unlimited number of sensors

3. Management software for:
Customer registry management
Management of building sites
Site configuration with indication of the individual bait stations
connected to the sensor network

4. Android app of warning and management



The detection sensors (capture and monitoring) are compatible with the
SPECTRAP TOPI (code 01814) e
SPECTRAP RATTI (code 01717).




detection sensor


capture sensor
01830 monitoring unit
01831 monitoring software