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    Killing and residual insecticide in concentrated emulsion.


    Cypermethrin (CAS N. 52315-07-8) 10 g
    Prallethrin (CAS N. 23031-36-9) 0,4 g
    Piperonyl butoxide (CAS N 51-03-6) 15 g
    Co-formulants as needed to 100 g


    Three active ingredients with synergistic activity:

    • Prallethrin (knock down effect)
    • Cypermethrin (killing action)
    • Piperonil butoxide (assists their action)

    Indoor and outdoor use.
    Suitable for use with any type of equipment.


    Mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, wasps, flies, cockroaches, ants, crawling insects, pests of foodstuffs, chicken mites.


    Use with manual and motor pumps
    The product must be diluted in water before use at the concentration of:

    • for the control of flies, wasps and other flying insects: 2%, effective up to 4 weeks after treatment;
    • for the control of mosquitoes: 0.5% in the case of non-porous surfaces, 1% in the case of porous surfaces, effective up to 4 weeks after treatment;
    • for the control of crawling insects: 0.8% – 1%, effective up to 4 weeks after treatment on non-porous surfaces. 3% effective up to 2 weeks after treatment on porous surfaces;
    • for chicken mite control: 1% on non-porous surfaces and 3% on porous surfaces, effective up to one week after treatment.

    Use with ULV equipment (ultra low volume): dilute 5% in water or glycol using 1 liter of solution to treat 2500 cubic meters or 1000 square meters of surface.

    Use with thermal foggers:

    • indoors, use 0.8-1 liter of solution for 2000 cubic meters;
    • outdoors use 1.2-1.5 liters of solution per hectare. When used in green areas for the control of flies, a uniform wetting must be carried out, avoiding dripping.
    • for sewer networks use at a dose of 30-40 ml per 1000 cubic meters.




    Thermal foggers
    ULV nebulizers
    Normal spray pumps

    Package Carton
    Doser bottle 1 liter 12 pieces
    Tank 5 liters 4 pieces


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